Shane Eckel

Creative Developer & Designer From Pittsburgh.



Built and platformed the website.


Carnegie Mellon University | School of Computer Science

Lead in the strategy to open the campus's data, design, and development. Replatformed the campus to github and gCloud. Created a GraphQL endpoint to house and group the many scattered data endpoints. Main application built using node, mongodb, and vue.js


Gelman &

Rebranded and redesigned the experience of Gelman & Reisman's law firm. Strategy was motivated with performance and simplicity.


Built an single page responsive website for a game company in LA. Simple js was used to make an interesting parallax effect.


Designed and developed the brand for this fascinating restaurant plan. Built an application with Angular on the front and simple node / mongo back end.

Fy Studio

Owned and operated Fy-Studio. Specialized in unique design & technology solutions for artists, businesses, campaigns, and start-ups.


Art Director / Programmer.


Creating web applications that help organize the analytics of over 200 commerce mobile and tablet websites. Created and maintained an analytics web application for live monitoring.


Organized the business model. Planned the marketing. Executed the design and development of both the website and all of the print media.


Cleveland Museum of

Interactive Facebook integration to create a social reaction to the museum's Rembrandt installation.

Branding Brand

Work on over 50 multi-language mobile and tablet commerce websites from last minute fixes to complete construction. Varies from teams of 1 to 6. Contributed to R&D and helped the company successfully grow to over 200 people.

  • Ace Hardware
  • American Eagle
  • Clipper Card
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • eFollet
  • Rent The Runway
  • Timberland
  • Wranglers


Smith Brothers

Helped organize the creation of their digital advertising trade amplifier. A locationally targeted banner system developed in house at Smith Brothers. Hired to organize and develop the business model, execution, and proof of concepts.

  • Nestle
  • Skinny Cow

Famous Yard Sale

Part of a team of 3 in charge of the businesses model, plan, and execution of charity auction website. Ranging from branding, design, front-end application, data-modelling, and cross relating various data sources.


Developed a design treatment using Lightwave 3d that matched the feel of the company. Incorporated that treatment from exhibit displays to business cards.


Hired full time to the interactive department I worked on a range of projects. From flash websites to html cutups. From design design concepts to mock ups. Interfaced with Facebook's, Doubleclick's and Twitter's APIs. Worked on large projects, shared workload among many members, and distributed efforts across three offices.

  • True Value
  • Pa Lottery
  • Dicks Sporting Goods
  • Rite Aid
  • Cooper Tires

Donald Rager

Mocked up an identity for very talented set photographer.


Constructed an actionscript3 application that integrated with Facebook's API to provide a commerce experience in Facebook itself.

  • QVC
  • Gilt Groupe
  • Pittsburgh Pens
  • Perricone
  • GNC
  • Sephora



Mock ups for a rebranding and redesign of the business.


Conceptualized, designed, and developed the entire interactive experience and the print work. Created an XML driven website to allow for the incorporation of stock to match the website. A simplified step of adapting the business to the merging digital.



Filled the role as developer and graphic designer. designed and developed email campaigns, event based websites, and maintained their website. Designed and proofed magazine ads to help generate awareness for AWMA and the events related.

J Allen Masonry

Design and constructed a website that gave the user the same unique feel that masonry can give to a home. The website was mostly tedious photo manipulation. Since the design was photography driven it was important that the images had a clean feel.

Thick Bikes

Thick Bikes is an interesting and perpetually on going project. I've been an integral part of giving the business its "voice". Managed the conception, print, design, and development of the brand for several years. Incorporated illustrations from a very talented illustrator. Thick Bikes continues to grow each year and the marketing grows right along with it.


Branded and initiated the corporate identity that helped kick-start the company. Created various print items for spreading awareness of the companies jump off.


Visit Washington

Responsible for creating a website from pitch to live. Assisted the designer with mock-ups that matched the custom CMS. Build a custom CMS that directly matched the business model of the client. The CMS allowed for adding images, updating events, and adding locations worth visiting without cruft and bloat.


Contracted by a designer.


Contracted by a designer to construct banners and an interactive gallery using only css. This was a big deal back then.

Contracted by a designer to develop a website for a local clothing store.


Contracted by a designer.

Tocco Investment Group,

Contracted by a designer.

The Human

Contracted by a designer.

Built an interactive video to help promote and explain the new 'ShowClix Widget' that was being developed and promoted.


TenUnited /

Designed advertisements and mocked up concepts for clients. Front-end development on many large corporate websites. Built interactive flash websites and campaign based websites for internal and clients. Built the companies website and various internal marketing treatments for the offices to use.

  • Dell
  • Zone Perfect
  • Safe Auto
  • Pert Plus
  • Airborne
  • Sure

Markowitz Communication

Was contracted as a various roles. At times a web lead and at other times just simply a consultant to explain the limitations of the web.

  • PetSmart
  • Cricket
  • Gilda's CLub
  • UPMC
  • Iron City


Leadership Logistics & Consulting

Designed and developed a website for a company in Texas.