Project/ Superior Motors

Superior Motors

2014 - 2018

The branding came out of researching the history of U.S. Steel, Braddock, and Pittsburgh. A great deal of branding back then was purpose driven. No cruft. It was stamped onto a piece of steel and sent down the Monongahela.

The original style guide design was sparked by a night in Braddock by the Edgar Thomas steel plant. A blend of dark blues and muted oranges.

I had the opportunity of spending a good deal of time in Braddock during the development of this project. It's clear that the opening of Superior Motors is a reflection of the people of Braddock's will to grow. But for me, it's a testimony to the truly unnerving vision and strength of Kevin Sousa.


The visual concept was a continued stem from the work done on the branding. Which grew out of the beautiful lines found inside the original building. The website is on a consistent tilt and has a responsive overlay at large sizes to focus attention on the center.

The technology was originally built in angular and node.js but was later migrated to nuxt, a ssr rendered library for vue.js. A link to the github repository is below. Hosted on's Now and the content of the website is managed by a 3rd party cms system.


The source material for the line work came from an experimentation in a 3d modelling application. Rendering a model with just lines created this almost chaotic engineering feel. Which, to me, is a good description of Kevin's food. It feels chaotic and spontaneous, but has a meticulous engineering quality to the construction. A meeting of left / right brain that is the best aspects of any expression.